Sean Fee is a Director and Cinematographer who grew up in California and South East England. He started making videos with his brother when he was a teenager. His passion for Skateboarding, Surfing and Snowboarding has helped him develop a connection and awareness for nature, culture and adventure. His storytelling reflects his desire to engage with the complexities of the human condition. He lives in Zurich Switzerland with his wife and two children.

“In regards to making films I find myself drawn to themes with a palpable meaning.

If the subject of a film, or object in a film is given the space to reveal itself, one layer at a time, like a flower blooming in warm sunshine, you allow the audience to take part in something special, something unique. 

My process in getting to the essence of a topic is about anticipating what questions to ask and which parallels to draw.

I like to visualize myself guiding the evolution of something which has a life of its own rather than being driven by a preconceived result.

I love being able connect to audiences with captivating visuals, while maintaining a sensibility for true and honest emotions in even the most subtle of moments.

The message behind my concepts comes from a desire to create a platform which will inspire people and remind them of the magic in life, the potential we all possess and the gratification that comes with following your passion”

Yours sincerely,




Cannes Silver Dolphin  -  HELSANA "Rocket"

EDI 16 Nominated - HELSANA "Rocket"

Best Documentary, Miami Film Festival  -  FRUITION

Golden Eagle, European Cinematography Awards  -  FRUITION

Nominated Video of the Year, TRANSWORD SNOWBOARDING  -  FRUITION

Official Selection, BANFF Mountain Film and Book Festival  -  FRUITION

Official Selection, LIFT-OFF Film Festival  -  FRUITION

Official Selection, BALINALE International Film Festival  -  FRUITION

Official Selection, Ulju Mountain Film Festival  -  FRUITION

EDI 15 Nominated - Energie Uster “Jeden Tag”

Official Selection, Berlin Short Film Festival - Love Divine

Official Selection, Queen Palm International Film Festival - Love Divine